Company Culture

We have created a suitable working environment for our team of engineers, sales executives, human resources, marketing department and others to work in a comfortable and efficient manner, where each member gives his or her best to reach our common mission: to offer professional Smart Home products of the highest quality thus making life more comfortable to the end user.

We believe in our Team.
At Grace Smart we have very clear ideas, we offer products and services designed to solve the requirements of our customers in an effective and practical way.
Similarly, at Grace we anticipate the requests of our clients through the study of possible market niches, thus opening a door opportunity for our partners, creating trends within the Smart Home market.

We know about the competitiveness in our business, that's why we offer different solutions to our partners according to their market and distribution channels.

At Grace Smart, innovation is one of our key pieces of our corporate culture. Overtake the demand of the market and offering solutions to the trends that prevail in our business.

Our engineers, who have more than twelve years of experience in the development of new products, have their own laboratory approved and certified by TUV.

Each of our products undergo strict quality controls in accordance with the standards of each market, since at Grace we firmly believe in the sustainability of our products. It is useless to create luminaries without the responsibility of the environment that surrounds us. That balance between technology and sustainability is paramount every time we start a new product and it is the cornerstone of our company.

At Grace Smart we know that our work does not end here. The after-sales service has a preferential place in our work flow chart. Our current clients know this, our answer to their questions is answered almost immediately, so they trust us for long periods of time.

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